The R.D. Zeuli Story

After many years working in the insurance industry managing losses and construction, Robert D. (Dave) Zeuli decided it was time to head out on his own. Beginning in earnest in 1974, and formally incorporating in 1978, Dave Zeuli's company found its early footing in the residential remodeling sector. With an eye for quality and attention to detail, Dave Zeuli quickly expanded his services into the custom home market and eventually into the commercial construction field. By the early 1990's, the firm was fully recognized for its experience in all forms of residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

In the mid-1990's, the firm made the strategic decision to complete the bulk of its site work internally. The firm's reputation for completing large site improvement projects in an on-time and on-budget fashion grew among commercial owners and engineers. R.D. Zeuli, Inc. continued to expand its repertoire and expertise by concentrating on sanitary pumping stations and water booster stations throughout New Jersey for commercial, industrial and municipal customers. A sampling of these customers includes U.S. Vision, Two Rivers Water Reclamation Authority and Conifer-LeChase Construction, LLC.

Throughout the next decade, the firm's unique skill set, along with its reputation for quality construction and innovative thinking, allowed for significant growth. R.D. Zeuli, Inc., now under the steady leadership of Steven D. Zeuli, operates throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Northern Maryland.

Striving to provide even greater value to its clients, R.D. Zeuli, Inc. created a sister company, JEM Paving & Concrete, LLC in 2013. Its formation has provided the firm with a near "turn-key" solution for site improvements. JEM Paving & Concrete, LLC is able to provide a vast array of paving, asphalt maintenance and concrete construction services.